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PrO-ASTM Centrifuge Range

Oil Testing Centrifuge, ASTM Centrifuge. Centrifuges for ASTM applications, oil testing Centrifuge
The PrO-ASTM range are strong and durable All have bright blue LED or touch screen LCD displays for clarity. A buzzer is fitted to assist the busy technicians. All have 10 programs, acceleration & decelleration rates Supplied with Rotor as standard or a further choice Designed specifically for ASTM tests with Chemical resistance rotors in mind. PID contolled temperature to 90C You need the best separations for your Oil Testing These are for you

And 3 year warranty to prove our reliability and quality

Purpose-made Oil Test Centrifuge designed for astm application and other applications where oil is tested either heated or non heated. Ideal for the petroleum laboratory.


  • Extra thick Stainless steel bowl
  • Port to lid
  • Alloy & steel frame with composite’s
  • World leading Industrial grade Inverter
  • Best Quality European Brushless motor
  • High technology airflow (ambient models)
  • All centrifuges have user accessible service sections to access all safety parameters
  • Bright blue LED display
  • Rotor recognition CR2000, CR4000/R & CR7000/R
  • 10 acceleration rates 10 deceleration rates
  • 10 memory
  • Timer 0-99 minutes & Hold in 30 second increments
  • Pulse short run
  • Run in Speed (Rpm) or Rcf (G) in 10 Rpm increments
  • Sound
  • Orientation acceleration rate
  • Multi point lid locking
  • Emergency lid release
  • Lid gas struts
  • Lid lock detection
  • Imbalance detection
  • Overspeed Sensor
  • Set inverter values
  • Barrier ring
  • Motor overheat sensor

The centrifuges are commonly used to measure: water and sediment in crude oil, fuel oil and middle distillate fuel; the precipitation number of lubricating oils and insolubles in used lubricating oils. These centrifuges were designed with the following ASTM Methods in mind: D91, D96, D893, 1796, D2709 and D4007. Oil Testing Centrifuge, ASTM Centrifuge. Centrifuges for ASTM applications, oil testing Centrifuge , petroleum laboratory centrifuge,Heated centrifuge for oil testing,